by Kimira Reddy

A free installation at Ocean Artworks Pavilion in July 2024


SLaM 2024

Learn about the participants and projects being supported by SLaM in 2024.

Plays2Perform: Young Peoples Edition

A collection of plays for young people to discover and explore

An anthology of new plays distributed to schools across Canada.


Micro Performance Series

Micro Performance is an emerging global trend proliferating in many forms, from theatre and dance to new media, live art and interactive technology. While encompassing many different types of artists, what brings them together is how each project prizes depth of experience above all.


a powerful collection of stories and faces



mail order theatre

Plays2Perform@Home is a “Box Set” of original scripts that can be ordered online and delivered directly to your door. In collaboration with six theatre companies from across Canada, Boca del Lupo commissioned 20 playwrights for the project.

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