Micro Performance Series

Micro Performance is an emerging global trend proliferating in many forms, from theatre and dance to new media, live art and interactive technology. While encompassing many different types of artists, what brings them together is how each project prizes depth of experience above all.

Micro Performances asks the audience, which is rarely more than 20 at a time, to immerse themselves in a world of the artist’s creation. The association between audience and performer transcends more conventional forms as the two travel together in a relationship that is better described as participant and guide. These performances are not smaller versions of what would normally be larger productions, these are pieces that exploit what is only possible on a smaller, more intimate scale.

Boca del Lupo presents the Micro Performance Series (MPS) on and around Granville Island. These productions are created and performed by local, national and international artists working across disciplines in intimate and small scale forms.

Micro Performance Series returns in 2024, starting with Dear Laila as a part of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, and TREE at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. In July 2024 there will be a new installation, Drift by Kimira Reddy co-presented with the Indian Summer Arts Festival, on Granville Island.

Past Micro Performance Series Presentations

LandlineNiall and Marcus Talk About Sh!t Niall LikesThese are the songs that I sing when I’m sadGenetic DriftCrawlspaceYou Are ItExpedition: the Symposiumhow to beA Taste of EmpireAll Good ThingsThrough the Gaze of a NavelAZANOThe Fugue FuguePerformance Art TrapIcebookAsk a TeenagerThe VoyageLittle IliadNekaa RoomMixed Company

Boca del Lupo’s Micro Performance Series is supported by Canadian Heritage, Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, Province of BC, City of Vancouver, CMHC Granville Island.

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