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We stand together with a unified voice against the anti-Asian sentiment that we all have been experiencing in our communities. Anti-Asian racism is not new – it has existed for centuries – and we have experienced an increase in violence and hatred against Asian Canadians since the pandemic took hold in 2020.

This campaign is a 3rd in a series started in 2021, by a growing group of Asian Canadian performing artists, leaders, practitioners and administrators who stand behind a message which signifies that racism that we are seeing, hearing and experiencing is not ok – STOP ASIAN HATE.

Our previous campaigns were the original Stop Asian Hate and Celebrate Asian Excellence.

This campaign provides a platform to show our faces, to hear our voices and to share our impact. We stand on the shoulders of many leaders before us who have stood up to oppression, have shared their stories and have fought against racism.

If you identify as an Asian Canadian artist and would be interested in joining this campaign we would be thrilled to have you involved. Please complete this form to share your face and your message.

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